Hi there guys!
The second day of our non-stop Week comes straight from USA: SPEED DATES!

How does it work? It is a special event thought to get people to know each other in a very quick and funny way!
You'll be sitting in front of a person. You have 2 minutes to talk, laugh and say whatever.. When time runs out everyone switch with another person.. so we'll get to know a little bit about everyone!! :D 

Many possibilities on how your evening will turn out:

- You found your soulmate. Pitty it was just for 2 minutes..
- The person you didn't like turned out to be not that bad. On the contrary you have stuff in common
- You got to know better somebody you had already met
- You don't even remember one name
- Unfortunately, this event went wrong for you... [ see the picture above ] ahahah

The stopwatch is gonna start ticking.. Are you ready to show your best in 2 minutes?


07/10/2014 - 19:00
BIrreria Turandola
Meeting Point: 
Via Torre Tonda, 28. Sassari
What's included: 
  • The first Beer
Contact details: 
Responsible: Andrea Casu 338 963 3076
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